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Overhead Door Company of Kitchener-Waterloo™ manufactures quality and tough commercial garage doors in Kitchener-Waterloo to withstand the daily wear and tear of owning and operating a business. We have a complete selection of performance- and safety-tested commercial and industrial upward-acting doors and a vast array of styles to accomplish your business requirements. Find insulated and non-insulated doors for internal and external applications to high-performance, sectional-steel, and fire-rated doors below. Engineered for excellence and backed by a dedicated nationwide network of Overhead Door Company of Kitchener-Waterloo™ company distributors, our commercial and industrial doors are chosen for their durability and hassle-free performance. ​​
rolling service door
Rolling Service Doors
Our upward-coiling rolling service steel doors can be installed in openings as wide as 1500 sq. ft. These sturdy and durable doors are ideal for situations where side room and headroom are at a premium. Available in a wide range of slat profiles, materials, gauges, and finishes.
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commercial metal doors
High-Speed Metal Doors
Our high-speed metal doors can open doors at speeds up to 80” per second. These doors have a springless design, thus requiring little maintenance. Both the RapidShield® and RapidView® doors feature an integrated curtain-monitoring device and monitored wireless reversing edge.
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sectional steel doors
Sectional Steel Doors
Durable and affordable, our wide range of both insulated and non-insulated sectional steel doors caters to a diverse clientele. These doors are made of high-quality materials with a baked-on, polyester paint finish. These low-maintenance doors last long, require minimal further costs, and can be customized as per your requirements.
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insulated sectional steel-back door
Insulated Sectional Steel-Back Doors
Our insulated sectional steel-back doors are constructed with a three-layer sandwich design. Galvanized steel both inside and outside these doors makes these doors long-lasting and reliable. Ideal for both commercial and industrial applications.
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insulated fabric door
High-Speed RapidFreeze™ Insulated Fabric Doors​
The high-speed RapidFreeze™ insulated fabric doors​ are installed, with the insulated curtain preventing thermal loss in structures where temperatures on either side of the door differ significantly. Ideal for situations that demand flexibility with volatile temperature and humidity.
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sectional steel doors
Therm​acore® Sectional Steel Doors
Our Thermacore® Series of commercial sectional doors are perfect for structures demanding minimal air infiltration, high thermal performance, and wind-load resistance. It provides a CFC-free panel with an excellent R-value performance over many years. Our models meet IECC® criteria for best U-Factor of operable fenestrations (2015 Section C402.4) with a 3rd party certified tested value of less than 0.37.
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commercial fabric door
High-Speed RapidFlex® Fabric Doors
Ideal solutions for both interior and exterior applications, our high-speed RapidFlex® fabric doors are available in a wide range of models- many come with a strutless design.
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commercial garage door
High-Speed RapidFlex® RapidFlex® Rubber Doors​
Our high-speed RapidFlex® rubber rolling doors are manufactured for sturdy use in extreme conditions. They have a patent-pending curtain lock design and can withstand wind load up to 27.0 psf. Feature breakaway and self-reset, infrared obstruction detection, wireless reversing safety edges. Door system warranty of 5 years.
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aluminum glass doors
Aluminum Glass Doors
Our aluminum sectional doors are installed in those spaces where aesthetic value, viewing access, and proper lighting are essential. Ideal for commercial spaces such as showrooms, retail stores, and fire stations, these durable and low-maintenance doors are available in a wide variety of glazing materials, including DSB glass, Plexiglas, tempered glass, clear Lexan, wire glass, and polycarbonate.
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fire-rated rolling steel door
Fire-Rated Doors
Our fire-rated rolling steel doors meet the highest fire safety standards and close automatically in case of a fire or an alarm. Available for commercial, industrial, and store facilities, our doors come with UL or FM labels. It is equipped with the Fire Sentinel® time-delay release device that provides layered security to your premises.
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rolling shutter door
Rolling Shutter Door​​s
Light-weight Allura® rolling shutter doors to provide security in spaces with high visitor volume such as retail shops, chemist shops, and clinics.
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counter doors at concession stand
Counter Doors
Our rolling counter doors can be installed in many small openings up to 20' wide and 9' high. These doors are manufactured with aluminum, steel, or stainless steel, and are ideal for commercial, retail, corporate, and professional stores and shops. Limited warranty for up to 24 months.
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rolling sheet doors
Rolling Sheet Doors
Durable and fairly priced, our rolling sheet doors are designed with a style that ensures smooth operation and minimal curtain damage. These doors are made with high-strength galvanized steel curtains, which makes them strong and wind-load resistant. The lock assemblies installed with them enhance door system security.
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security grilles at retail store
Security Grilles
Standard requirements for an array of commercial and industrial properties, our side-folding and upward-coiling security grilles enhance the security of spaces without obstructing viewing access. Our grilles have the shortest-stacking and the lowest-profile side-folding. Available in tempered glass, fire-retardant polycarbonate, painted perforated steel, and aluminum curtains, its anodized finish gives it durability and luster. Ideal for factories, shops, and showrooms.
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wind load doors
Wind Load Doors
Adding wind load options to your overhead doors in commercial, industrial, and retail stores leaves you without a worry in extreme-weather situations, including storms and hurricanes. Get commercial wind load doors installed at your properties now so that you don’t have to worry about your shop during harsh weather.
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