New Garage Door Installation Services in Kitchener-Waterloo

Enhance the security of your residential or commercial garage with the leading garage door installation services of Overhead Door Company of Kitchener-Waterloo™. Whether it is at your shop, warehouse or home, we offer products from top brands whose workmanship and safety standards you can trust.

You can also choose from a wide selection of garage door accessories, including door openers and operators. Our technicians are professionally trained and install a range of sturdy and robust garage doors made of vinyl, fibreglass, steel, and more that are not just durable in all kinds of weather but also add visual appeal to the property. From the classic to the complex, we install all.

Why Choose Overhead Door™?

  • Style Statements
    While renovating the exteriors of your home, shop, workplace, or warehouse, a brand new garage door helps to complete the look.
  • Conserving Energy
    Our new garage door models are designed for energy efficiency. Their insulation and other features help maintain consistent temperatures.
  • Safety Features
    With their updated safety features like photoelectric sensors, new models of garage doors offer a higher level of security and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Performance
    New garage doors come with better speed, security features, and automated support. They offer more yet require minimal maintenance.

Free Estimates Available

If you’re planning to get a new garage door installed in Kitchener and around, look no further than Overhead Door Company of Kitchener-Waterloo™. Get your free estimate today.

Professional Car Door Installation

Get different styles of overhead doors available at one place.