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Commercial Door Operators & Dock Equipment in Kitchener-Waterloo

Overhead Door Company of Kitchener-Waterloo™ provides commercial door operators and accessories in Kitchener-Waterloo built with convenience and reliable performance in mind. With our automatic door operators, daily job duties become safer and easier to perform and improve operational efficiency. The industry’s guidelines for quality assurance recommend a single manufacturer for both door and operator.


We are the only manufacturer in Kitchener that offers a full line of commercial and industrial doors, operators and accessories specifically designed for integral applications. Find the industry’s most comprehensive range of electric, automatic door operators and accessories to suit new construction and retrofit applications, as well as unusual or special requirements. We also offer dock levellers. 

Commercial Door Operators

Overhead Door Company of Kitchener-Waterloo™ commercial operators are UL 325 2010 compliant.​​​​ 

RSX operator

Commercial Door Operator RSX®

The RSX® standard-duty commercial operators offer easy and best door operation and are equipped with continuous duty motors available in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 horsepower, single or three-phase. It can decode up to 250 CodeDodger® transmitters. It is equipped with a 24V DC disc brake.


2-year or 20,000 cycle limited warranty​​​​.

UL 325 2010 compliant.

RMX Operator

Commercial Door Operator RMX®

The RMX® commercial operator is unique amongst the medium-duty door operators because of its exceptional features. Testing becomes easy and simple because of its on-board open/close/stop buttons. 


2-year or 20,000 cycle limited warranty​​​​.

UL 325 2010 compliant.

RHX Operator

Commercial Door Operator RHX®

The RHX® heavy-duty commercial operators offer simple and trustable functionality. Its DC brake system ensures that the door bears minimal wear and tear, thus increasing its longevity. The LCD system tracks the cycles logged for easy maintenance support.


2-year limited warranty. 

UL 325 2010 compliant.

CDX Operator

Commercial Door Operator CDX®

The CDX® light-duty door operator is frequently installed at industrial, educational, medical and retail facilities. Made for use on counter and counter fire door applications. Its oil impregnated bushing maximizes long life. 


2-year or 20,000 cycle limited warranty​​​​

UL 325 2010 compliant.

RHX Explosion Proof Operator

RHX® Explosion Proof Operators

The RHX® Explosion-Proof commercial operators come with multiple mounting options and have been approved by the Factory Mutual (FM) for use in hazardous locations in Canada and the US. It automatically closes the door after a user-set time delay of 2 seconds to 4 minutes.


2-year limited warranty.

UL 325 2010 compliant.

RSX Fire Door Operator

RSX®​ Fire Door Operators

The RSX®​ commercial fire door operator is equipped with the FDO module which handles the fire-door release functions and gives warning indications of anticipated door closure. Approved by the Factory Mutual (FM), these operators are used in hazardous locations in Canada and the US. Its 24-hour battery backup can easily handle power outages.


2-year or 20,000 cycle limited warranty. 

UL 325 2010 compliant.

RSX Egress Operator

RSX®​​​ Egress Operators

The RSX Egress standard-duty door operator is equipped with an alarm system and egress push-button inputs, which completely opens the grille during an emergency. 


2-year or 20,000 cycle limited warranty. 

UL 325 2010 compliant.

Commercial Door Operator Accessories

Complete your door system with a variety of optional accessories. Overhead Door Company of Kitchener-Waterloo™ operator accessories help enhance the operation of your facility as well as provide added safety and convenience.​​​​

Commercial Door Opener Timer to Close Module

Timer to Close Module

The Timer-to-Close module is installed in the electronic operator box and connects to the main circuit board through an expansion port connector.​ It can be used with either of these monitored reverse inputs: Safe–T–Beam® photo eyes or 2-wire monitored edge. Featuring  an automatic door closing system, it can be installed in these commercial door operators: RHX®, RSX®, RMX® and CDX®​.

Auxiliary Output Module for Commercial Door Operators

Auxiliary Output Module

The Auxiliary Output Module lets you integrate your X-Series commercial door operator with monitoring systems, lighting systems and more. It can be installed in the electric operator box and connects to the main circuit board through an expansion port connector.​ It offers multiple relay contact points (up limit, down limit, midstop limit). Compatible with RHX®, RSX® and RMX®​ commercial door operators.

Monitored Edge Interface Module for Commercial Doors

Monitored Edge Interface Module

The Monitored Edge Interface Module lets the operator monitor the sensing edge, thus enhancing the door system's security. Quickly installed, it is recognized by our operators automatically. Compatible with RHX®, RSX®, RMX® and CDX®​ door operators.

Commercial Door Transmitters

Commercial Door Transmitters

Get the commercial radio transmitters with the same frequency as that of your transmitter receiver. 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-button transmitters are compatible with the system.


Available in the following frequencies: 312, 360, 380, and 390 MHz.

Commercial Door Bottom Sensing Edges

Commercial Operator Bottom Sensing Edges

Our commercial operator bottom sensing edges are attached to the leading edge of motor-driven doors and feature an auto-reverse or auto-stop, providing entrapment protection for the doors. 


These sensing edges also offer an all-weather seal so that you don't have to worry.


Compatible with RHX®, RSX® and RMX®​ door operators.

Commercial Door Safety Beams

Commercial Door Safety Beams

UL 325 2010 compliant, the Safe-T-Beam® can immediately detect an obstruction and send a signal to the operator to reverse or stop the door. Used with our X-Series Commercial Operators.


The VITECTOR® NEMA 4/4X OPTOEYE is also a UL 325 2010 compliant safety equipment that acts as a monitored external entrapment device. Used with our X-Series Commercial Operators.

Commercial Door Opener RSX Egress Switches

RSX® Egress Switches

The egress switch features a push-pull button with a mushroom head which can be used in areas requiring local egress activation. Buttons can also be mounted on the surface or flush. 

RSX® Egress Operator​​ comes with one test key switch.

Commercial Door Reflective Photo Eye

Monitored Retro-Reflective Photo-Eye

This monitored retro-reflective photo-eye reduces interference from ambient lighting and infrared sensors often encountered around industrial door openings, using interference reduction technology or red light technology. Perfect for use at heavy-duty door systems.

Fire Sentinel for Commercial Doors

Fire Sentinel 

It is a time-delay door release device which is very useful during an emergency. It stops a door if it detects an obstruction in its path. Factory-set alarm time delay of 10 seconds can be adjusted to 10-60 seconds using a dip switch. Its robust power back-up ensures uninterrupted operation even during power outages. It also features an ADA sounder/strobe to warn people of door closure.  


Compatible with 630 , 631, 634, 635, 640, 641, 660, 661, or 662 commercial fire-doors​.


UL 864 and NFPA® 72 compliant.

Compatible with UL 325 complaint operators.

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