January 16, 2023

How Long Does an Automatic Garage Door Opener Last?

man driving his car into his garage using a remote to open the door

Around 83% of Canadians own cars, which many individuals choose to store in garages.

As with any mechanism, there are several parts of a garage door that will degrade with time. Among them are garage door openers, and you may be wondering what your garage door opener lifespan is. There’s a range of factors that can affect how long yours lasts.

This garage door opener guide covers how long garage door openers tend to last, as well as how you can make yours last longer. Keep reading for more.

How Long Do Garage Door Openers Last?

As a general estimate, a garage door opener will generally last for around 10-12 years. Note that this can vary significantly between different models. You may be able to get a better idea from the manufacturer to find out the expected lifetime for yours.

Harsh weather, for example, can reduce the lifespan of a garage door opener, so you should take this into account if you live somewhere that experiences extreme heat or cold, which may be an issue in Ontario. As you might expect, a lot of use will also wear it down faster.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Opener

There are various things you can do to make your garage door opener last longer:

  • Keep the tracks clean and debris-free
  • Keep the chain lubricated (if you have a chain-drive opener)
  • Carry out regular inspections
  • Look into it if you notice any unusual behaviour
  • Check the batteries in the remote regularly

Even by doing all of this, your garage door opener won’t last forever, but all of these can help you get the most out of it.

Which Types Last the Longest

The two main types of garage door openers are belt-drive and chain-drive.

Belt-drive openers are generally quieter as they don’t have metal-on-metal contact. This makes them more expensive but less durable. If you want something that doesn’t make as much noise, this is the better option, but you’ll be paying more, and it won’t last quite as long.

Chain-drive openers are more common as they tend to be cheaper. They’re the more durable option, but the chain makes them louder, so take consider this when choosing.

Repair or Replace?

As your garage door opener is approaching the end of its life, you might be wondering whether you should repair or replace it. There are certain things you should consider to help with this decision.

Garage door opener repair can sometimes be as expensive as garage door opener replacement. As such, depending on the extent of repairs needed, a replacement may be the best option.

You should also consider the age of your opener. Newer models have updated features and offer better performance, so you may benefit from investing in a new one anyway.

Maximizing Your Garage Door Opener Lifespan

Regular inspection and proper maintenance are the best way to maximize your garage door opener lifespan. While it may not last forever, you can avoid replacing it too soon and get the most out of it.

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