August 8, 2022

4 Common Garage Door Opener Problems

a car garage of a house

A garage door opener has become one of the most common house appliances. In fact, more than half of the homes in Canada have them installed for easy access to the home.

While we’ve come to rely on our automatic door openers, they can have their issues and malfunctions like any other mechanical appliance. When you start to have garage door opener problems, it’ll completely hinder your daily activities and may even leave you stranded at home!

Understanding some of the most common issues with a garage door opener can help you develop a plan to get back to regular operation fast. This guide will help you do just that!

1. Remote Isn’t Connecting

An automatic garage door isn’t very effective without the remote that controls the motor and moves the door up or down. Without it, you only have a very heavy door you have to manually move.

The remote not connecting can be due to dead batteries or the sensors have been damaged. Typically, replacing the damaged parts will do the trick but you may need to get a new setup entirely.

2. Motor is Overworked

The garage door can’t open without the motor to pull it up and down. Luckily, it’s designed to last for years and withstand a lot of movement.

Occasionally, the motor will get overworked and have a difficult time opening the door on its own. When this happens, you may need a professional tune-up or a replacement, i.e., a new garage door opener with higher capabilities.

3. Makes Loud Noises

All garage doors make some noise when opening or closing but when there is an out-of-the-ordinary sound you should call the professionals. This could mean a part is loose, something is wearing out, or you’re about to suffer a full breakdown. Noisy garage doors are usually the first sign of a serious problem and should be handled fast.

4. Moves Very Slow

While you shouldn’t expect your garage door to open at lightning speed, it should move at a steady pace without any skipping or jumping.

Sometimes there is damage to the chain that makes the door open too slow or experience other glitches. The best thing you can do is have it looked at by a professional to determine the root cause of the issue.

Garage Door Opener Problems and Solutions

Experiencing any of these garage door opener problems is extremely frustrating and can completely disrupt your daily activities. It can leave you without your vehicle or unable to easily access your home, both things you’ve likely come to rely on.

As soon as you start to notice something out of the ordinary with your vehicle, it’s a good idea to get in contact with a garage door opener professional to help you resolve the issue. The quicker you see the expert, the less likely you’ll have a total breakdown. It’s best to work with a professional so you know all the repairs are done correctly and everything is safe to use.

If you’re in need of any work on the door for either your residential or commercial garage, Overhead Door is here for you!