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A garage door is an essential part of your property. It not only offers protection for your vehicle, but the look of the garage door can enhance your curb appeal.


A lot goes into the workings of the garage door. Here are some interesting blogs on the subject by Overhead Door Company of Kitchener-Waterloo™.

  • 16/01/2023
    What Are the 6 Types of Most Common Garage Doors?

    The garage doors you choose for your home or commercial building can make or break your curb appeal. Think about it: Especially if the garage doors are facing the street, they will be the focal point of your space, whether positive or not. 

    If you are looking to buy a new garage door, it's important to first know what your options are. 

    Here's a look at six types of garage doors and their differences to help you decide which door is best for you. 

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  • 16/01/2023
    7 Advantages of Using Commercial Garage Doors

    In 2022, Canadian business owners and investors flocked to brick-and-mortar commercial properties.

    Now, competition is steep to secure long-term renters or new buyers. It's time to start thinking about value-add upgrades.

    Commercial garage doors are a great way to improve your Kitchener-Waterloo commercial property. 

    Read on for seven advantages of using commercial garage doors to upgrade your commercial property in 2023.

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  • 16/01/2023
    How Long Does an Automatic Garage Door Opener Last?

    Around 83% of Canadians own cars, which many individuals choose to store in garages.

    As with any mechanism, there are several parts of a garage door that will degrade with time. Among them are garage door openers, and you may be wondering what your garage door opener lifespan is. There's a range of factors that can affect how long yours lasts.

    This garage door opener guide covers how long garage door openers tend to last, as well as how you can make yours last longer. Keep reading for more.

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  • 01/12/2022
    4 Crucial Warning Signs Your Garage Door Motor Needs Replacement

    A malfunctioning garage door can seriously injure or kill someone in your home. While they tend to last a long time, the wear and tear on your garage door motor could cause the machine to malfunction. Luckily, there are a few things you can look for that might indicate an issue.

    Read on to discover four warning signs that you might need a new garage door motor.


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  • 29/11/2022
    Choosing the Best Garage Door Material: Pros and Cons of 4 Common Materials

    Did you know that a whopping 3.5 million homesin Canada have an attached garage?

    Whether you have a garage or are thinking of getting one, it's important to have a door that's made from reliable materials. In many cases, it's worth replacing an old door with something more durable. This can protect your belongings and more.

    Are you unsure how to choose the best garage door material? Keep reading to learn all about the pros and cons of four common materials.

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  • view of a beautiful white home with a white garage door in daylight
    4 Common Garage Door Opener Problems

    A garage door opener has become one of the most common house appliances. In fact, more than half of the homes in Canada have them installed for easy access to the home.


    While we've come to rely on our automatic door openers, they can have their issues and malfunctions like any other mechanical appliance. When you start to have garage door opener problems, it'll completely hinder your daily activities and may even leave you stranded at home!


    Understanding some of the most common issues with a garage door opener can help you develop a plan to get back to regular operation fast. This guide will help you do just that!


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  • a vintage cycle is parked front of a red garage door
    Why You Should (Really) Replace A Garage Door

    Your garage door has been providing security for your home as well as protection for your vehicle for years now. But there's a chance it's worn out its welcome, in which case it's time for a new one.


    Research shows that replacing a garage door costs a little more than $1,100 on average. Given that a garage door can remain operational for as long as three decades, a new one is a wise investment.


    If you're looking to improve your home, here's a rundown on how you can replace a garage door to enhance your home's value, safety, and energy cost savings.


    Let's jump in!


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  • two workers working on a residential garage door
    Garage Door Servicing: How Often Should a Garage Door Be Serviced?

    You expect your garage door to go up and down on demand, and it always does -- until now. It has suddenly stopped working, and you instantly regret not staying on top of your garage maintenance over the years. 


    Research shows that 63% of houses have garages or carports. Ideally, homeowners should inspect their garage doors twice a year -- for instance, once in the spring and once in the fall. However, depending on your situation, you may want to check it more or less often.


    Fortunately, we cover everything you need to know about how frequently to check your garage door in this garage door servicing guide. 


    Let's dig in!


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